Work in progress

We are working busily away here in the frozen North.

We are in preproduction on a feature documentary on the musical piece “Descent into the Maelstrom” by Philip Glass, based on the short story of Edgar Allan Poe. We will be filming in the glorious environment of the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle of Northern Norway, where the short story was set. The Arctic Philharmonic will be performing the music, on top of a mountain overlooking the end of the world! Shooting should be finished in June 2018 and a winter release is expected.

We are in preproduction with a 90 minute feature called “Oslo-Copenhagen”, a chamber piece, drama-comedy set aboard the ferry between Norway and Denmark. Shooting should be finished early spring 2018, for an autumn release.

We are working on a tv series, dark comedy-drama, set in present day Oslo. The working title is “The Revenge Agency”. The pilot will be filmed in spring 2018. Watch this space!

Otherwise we have a good number of features in preproduction and development. We will be moving to new offices at OSLO16 in November 2017. Come on by!